Saturday, June 5, 2010

The guns from Le Scipoin

This gun was recovered from the dive site and completely rebuilt by my son in law Cohwen Eggli, Nick Snow, Allan Baird and myself. The blocks under the back of the gun are called site blocks and we built those pretty much to spec. The gun truck itself was built using blueprints that showed the exact size of the truck... We turned the wheels and the axels on a lathe.
The sides and all the Black Smith work was all completed here in Salt Lake City. The DE 18 was painted by my wife. All of the restoration was completed here in Salt Lake City. We actually have two of these guns now. They are the mid size 18 pounders. The trailer this gun sits on is tanden axle 24 foot trailer, so that gives you an idea of the size.
The ship carried 28 guns of this size, 28 that are twice this large and 18 that are only half this large. A big one wieghs in at 8500lbs, this one is only 4555 lbs The bbig one shot a ball that wieghed in at 36 pounds and using 12 pounds of black powder the ball can penetrate 39 inches of oak at 600 yards. That is a real lot of fire power. If you want to see some video or more footage of these go to our website at
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